Sunday, February 22, 2015

Next Inquiry...

The snow has been piling up around the chalet!
Sheesh! Good thing there's a great furnace working hard inside! Oh, and we're working hard too, but having some fun at the same time.

This past week my Grade 4 students had a new object to investigate.
It's quite beat up and only one bar resonates because it's held up by an elastic. The kids have begun researching what the instrument is (they found out it's a glockenspiel, not a xylophone). Next I'm challenging them to find out how we can repair it. They're pretty excited. I'm excited to see where their findings take us!

In Grade 2 Science, we finished up our unit on Mechanics, so as a final activity we created a mural of "Things that move" or, "Les choses que bougent" I love how it turned out!

These drawings remind me of Dr. Seuss's illustrations in "Green Eggs and Ham".

This was loads of fun for the students - and myself! Have a fun day at school tomorrow, everyone!